GoonBeam Long V1 (Max Candela)



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The new Candela King

700 lumens & 80,000+ candela of raw power while maintaining a cool operating temperature

The hotspot profile on these extremely focused units can be oblong.  

This is hard to notice at distance and doesn’t affect spill. It may not look perfectly round when you shine it on a close by wall. 

Compatibility with existing scout mount solutions.  (with the included m4-.7 x 6mm screws) NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE SCREWS ARISKA INCLUDES 

Momentary clicky tail cap with constant on feature carrying an IPX7 rating.

Momentary remote pressure pad with constant on click button feature carrying an IPX5 rating.

dual battery technology so you can run the included Button top 18650 or 2x cr123a  I also recommend these batteries for a sweet upgrade. 

Complete kit with hard case, Insane Light, Light Glint Cap, pic light mount, clicky tail cap, remote pressure pad switch, switch mounting solutions, protected 18650 battery, and USB charger.

Length: 5.4 inches Weight: 6.30 ounces Runtime : 1.5hr+

Additional information

Weight 6.3 oz
Dimensions 5.4 × 1 × 1 in


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