GoonBeam 18650 EDC




The Goonbeam EDC 18650 series of lights hanheld puts out insane amounts of light in a TOTALLY AVERAGE 4.7 x 1 inch package! The ruggedized light body, EDC size and Power and runtime of a full-size handheld makes for the perfect backup for tactical/duty applications. This light also features 12 hidden user programmable modes so you can carry in your choice of configuration, from a 100% on/off only for tactical applications, or multi modes like low medium high for admin. (Programming guide)

In the package you will receive:

  • Super bright compact flashlight
  • 18650 3500mh 10amp battery (Required! These configuration draw High Amps! I also recommend These batteries ) 
  • Battery charger (usb powered great for at home and on the go)
  • Stainless steel bolt-on deep carry pocket clip 
  • Lanyard

Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 4.7 × 1 × 1 in
Output (lumens)


Intensity (candela)



>24 Hours on Low Modes


Forward clicky tail


18650 3500mh 10amp battery


V1 – Max Candela – 800 Lumens, 69,000+ Candela, V2 – More Lumens – 1,690 Lumens, 42,000 candela, V3 – Max Lumens – 1,900 Lumens, 24,000 candela